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Q) Dear Kellen Winslow, My name is Chris Marlowe and I'm a big fan of yours. You are a great tight end like your father was for the Chargers. You are a big hero of mine. I watch you play all the time. I would like to ask for your help. I'm very sick with Nerve Damage. I have Addisons Disese and AMN. THis is a very rare illness with no cure. I'm 100# disabled. I go to many doctors and I take medication every day with my illness. Being very ill and a big fan of yours I would like to ask you for an autographed photo of you. This would really mean a lot to me with my illness. Thank you for your time and good luck this year. Sincerely, Chris Marlowe

        -- Chris Marlowe, Blythe, CA

A) Chris,
I'm so sorry for what you're going through with you illness and I
appreciate the support as a fan. I hope you continue to fight, stay
strong, and never give up . Please look out for a small package from me
soon. Although I know it's not much I hope it makes your day. Thank
you again for your support, and now you have a fan in me. -K2
Q) 1 how many tattoos do you have 2. how long did it take to get your tribal down your arm did it hurt good luck in the upcoming football season hope you guys can go far this year your friend darin rogers newwaterford ohio

        -- darin rogers, New Waterford, OH

A) Hi Darin, I have 9 total tattoos. The tribal took a few sessions, maybe 10
hours or so. And yes it did hurt, but I keep going back for more. LOL
Thanks for all the support and question.
Q) how far do you think the bucks will go this season how many tattoos do you have and is their any meaning for them or you just have them do you have any pets i watched you play for miami hurricanes in college then for cleveland browns now tampa bay bucks why did you switch your number from #80 to # 82

        -- darin rogers, New Waterford, OH

A) Thanks for the question Darin. I go into every season expecting we're
going all the way to Super Bowl. And the reason I switched numbers
when I got to Tampa was to start new and have a fresh start in a new
city, and that meant a new number too. Thanks for all the support.
Q) What's up K2? I'm a huge fan of yours and I wanted to know if you'll be holding any events in the South Florida area, or making any public appearances at the "U"? Holla back soon playa!!

        -- Michael Brown, Deerfield Beach, FL

A) Thanks for the support man, I don't have anything scheduled right now.
But check back on my calender for events I'll be going to this season.
Q) Kellen, I know that this isn't a football question, but I was curious if you're dating anyone right now? If not, what does a girl got to do to get your attention?

        -- Rachael Gailliot, Riverview, FL

A) I'll take that as a compliment, so thank you, but I have
been happily married to my wife Janelle for almost 4 years now. Thanks for your comment!
Q) How do you feel about being on the bucs? What do you feel about Josh Freeman being your quarterback?

        -- Derek Sakitis, Bethlehem, PA

A) I'm so happy and grateful to be a part of the Buccaneers
organization. Josh is going to be a force to reckon with in the NFL for years to come. So I'm excited that he's the future of this team.
Q) What's going on Kellen? I started changing up my diet and trying to add in different exercises into my workout regiment to get ready for next season. I was wondering if you had some suggestions on nutrition and/or lifting that could help me out? Thanks, have a good one man!

        -- Ryan Morris, Montreal, AK

A) Always keeping a balanced diet and being consistent with
your workouts will go a long way. I'm not too big on lifting weights, but I do a lot of resistance training. For my upper and lower body I've been using the machine Total Gym since I was in high school. Just remember if you keep doing the little things, don't cheat yourself, and the big things will come. Consistency equals excellence.
Q) Well, this isn't really a question but just more of a shoutout to you Kellen for being somebody I look up to. I'm playing college ball in Canada as a TE/OLB. I look to you as somebody I can model my self to in school and on the field. I respect that you got through that knee injury in 05 cause I went through a similar injury this past off season that's got me sidelined for this whole season. Anyways I just wanna say thanks man. Ps I couldn't afford a new Bucs jersey so I got a Browns one instead. Half price, can't beat that ;)

        -- Ryan Morris, Montreal, AK

A) Thanks for your comments and support, Ryan!! It is really good to hear that people look up to me, because I have worked so hard to get where I am today. I have extra motivation to play well when I hear stories like yours because they inspire me to make the most of my opportunities. Keep up the determination and stick with football because it is a great game! Good luck Ryan! I want to hear from you often!
Total Number of Records: 11
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